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In this section you can find technical articles about our most sophisticated algorithms. The following articles will describe the clinical advantages that can be obtained thanks to these algorithms, their intended purpose and method of use.

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Iterative Tomosynthesis

Tomosynthesis is an x-ray imaging modality technique that provides volumetric information about anatomical structures. The iterative approach is a novel reconstruction, where the algorithm operates in a recursive fashion, updating the estimates of the object volume until it converges to an optimal solution, so that the reconstructed image has less noise.

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Bone Suppression

Bone suppression uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically remove bones from standard chest X-ray image with a single exposure, increasing the quality of soft tissue visibility.

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Boost Lines

Boost Lines is an image-processing application to enhance the visibility of tubes and lines in chest radiographs, giving a better information about their positions and placement.

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