COVID-19: our contribution

21/04/2020 May 5th, 2020

Software made in Lecco in X-ray machines– La Provincia di Lecco magazine (

Digitec has created the software of the medical instruments in use in this emergency period

Work reorganized in a very short time, smart working for those who contribute from home. Distances and hygienic measures respected, for those who stay in the company. Because work cannot and must not stop as it is fundamental in the fight against Covid19. The Lecco-based company in recent years had contributed to creating innovative tools in medical diagnostics.

There are the sophisticated software written by run by Fausto Re together with his sons Simone and Giacomo, “inside” the medical machinery, especially x-rays, which are used in hospitals and in field hospitals.

Tools used to diagnose the damage caused by infection with the new coronavirus.

The company founded 35 years ago, today has 35 professionals specialized in computer science, mathematics, electronics, physics (15 hired in the last 4 years) with an average age of 38 years, operates in the radiological sector and deals with the design and production of systems able to acquire and process radiological images. Today more than ever, it is making its valuable contribution alongside those who fight on the front lines against this health emergency.

As they explain: «Our devices are integrated into systems made by X-ray system manufacturers, which will be installed in the diagnostic departments of hospitals and clinics; at this moment, therefore, one of the many means to manage this unexpected emergency. High definition digital radiography of the chest, elaborated by sophisticated mathematical algorithms, helps doctors to make a safer diagnosis and to follow the evolution of viral lung infection “.

Medical devices equipped with Digitec software can be found in several hospitals in Lombardy and in the recently concluded Fiera di Milano space, and also in foreign facilities.

“The demand is growing sharply, especially for low energy consumption mobile systems that are better suited to different needs, such as in the emergency room, in intensive care, and in newly built emergency structures such as today’s many needs”.

This is why work at Digitec must not stop.

“Aware therefore of having to give our contribution and of the possibility of being able to do so – a possibility that derives not only from the ability to reorganize the company, but also from the kind of products developed and the sector of destination of these – we feel enormously lucky and this luck comes transformed into motivation and becomes the driving force to do our job even better ».

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