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In this section you can find technical articles about our most sophisticated algorithms. The following articles will describe the clinical advantages that can be obtained thanks to these algorithms, their intended purpose and method of use.

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Digital Tomosynthesis

Digital Tomosynthesis is an algorithm, which, using a sequence of projections acquired at different angles, guarantees a complete reconstruction of the volume to be examined.

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Bone Suppression

Thanks to the Bone Suppression algorithm it is possible to automatically remove bone structures and obtain a high quality output that facilitates the visibility of soft tissues without the need to expose the patient to additional doses of radiation.

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Video ODIS

Video of ODIS, software for the acquisition, processing and management of digital radiological images in radiography and fluoroscopy modes from a dynamic detector for C-arm systems.

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Boost Lines

Boost Lines is an image-processing algorithm to emphasize and enhance the visibility and contrast of tubes and catheters in chest images.

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