Digitec has been recognized as company of the WHP circle once again!

10/05/2024 May 24th, 2024

Workplace health promotion (WHP) is a coordinated set of activities and strategies at the workplace to improve the organizations and the health and mental well-being of workers and achieve a balance between work and private life. WHP is also based on a good communication flow among top management, workers, and local communities.

In 1996 the European Commission created the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP), which currently promotes information and awareness campaigns in the EU countries by sharing projects and tools (such as action plans, examples of good practice and guidelines) useful for workers and employers, especially in SMEs.

To respect these guidelines and join the program, throughout 2023 we launched several initiatives to promote work-life balance and healthy lifestyles. Indeed, we provided the free services of tax return, workplace flu jabs, and cardiac screening in Digitecfor all our colleagues, we offered free fresh fruit during the summer, held a webinar for a free smoke life, and several workshops against smartphone addiction, drink-driving, and gambling. We also confirmed hybrid work pattern and started planning monthly Coffee Chat between the management members and colleagues to foster open communication in the workplace.

Digitec is very proud to have received this certification, but most of all is grateful to all the coworkers who embraced these initiatives with enthusiasm. We will keep doing our best to improve day by day!

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