Digitec Innovation Award 2023

01/01/2023 November 14th, 2023

As innovation is one of our values and at the heart of what we do, this year we asked our colleagues to come up with innovative ideas as part of a contest, followed by an official award ceremony.

The Innovation Award Ceremony was run during our Christmas Party: a cross-functional team of 8 unbiased judges sifted through the ideas and rewarded the most 3 innovative ones with a special prize supplied by Progetto Acra, a local charity that fights against poverty and inequality.

The ideas are:
– parking lot covered with solar panels
– fitting a workplace defibrillator
– lifecycle thinking and assesment

The first idea we managed to implement was the installation of our workplace defibrillator. Our Digitec first aiders have been trained by Croce Rossa on how to use the defibrillator as swiftly as possible in case of emergency. Did you know that our defibrillator is registered in the regional circuit so that it can be easily accessed by anyone visiting the AREU page to find the nearest AED?
Although there are currently no laws enforcing the provision of defibrillators in the workplace we decided to buy and install one in our premises so that it can be used by anyone in the community, not just staff, playing a huge role in saving lives by acting immediately.

The other two innovative ideas, parking lot covered with solar panels and lifecycle thinking and assessment, whose feasibility requires a deeper examination, are still being worked on.

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