Digitec invests in Panakès’ Purple Fund

28/10/2021 February 9th, 2024

Digitec believes in the growth of its country and wants to trust startups, young people and new ideas.

Italy is the country that invests the least in startups, we are the rear of Europe. Digitec chooses to make the difference and make its contribution to the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem by joining the Panakès’ Purple Fund.

Panakès’ Purple Fund is currently the largest venture capital fund actively investing in Italian companies and the most significant fund dedicated wholly to the Life Sciences sector in Italy. The fund will invest in companies at the forefront of innovation, with a focus on Europe, and Italy in particular, which remains underserved in terms of Venture Capital funding.

The investors who participated in the fund are several Italian banking foundations and pension funds, as well as numerous Italian companies and family offices in the Life Sciences sector. These include Menarini, the Cogliati family (Elemaster Group), the Colombo family (SAPIO Group), the Rovati family (Rottapharm Biotech), the Petrone family (Petrone Group), the Bassani family (Movi Group) and, clearly, the Re family (Digitec).

The majority of investments will be in companies developing innovative therapeutics and products in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical devices.

The fund aims are to support the growth of entrepreneurial companies who will reshape healthcare globally by addressing real medical needs, saving lives and providing a better quality of life for patients. By achieving these goals, the fund aims are to generate value for both investors and for society as a whole.

The fund’s mission, in which Digitec strongly believes, is that of providing a better life to people all around the world.

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