Digitec runs the Milan Marathon 2021 for LILT

17/05/2021 May 4th, 2022

After a difficult 2020, this year we are back to running not only to keep us fit and in a good shape but also for an excellent cause that is good for the heart too: Digitec has chosen to do it on May 16th by joining the Milan Marathon 2021 in total safety, thanks to the RunAnywhere mode, forming relays of four runners who run not in physical co-presence but on the same day by recording the path on a dedicated app, to sponsor a solidarity project of LILT Milano Monza e Brianza to drive cancer patients to their therapies, an even more important service at a time we are experiencing a pandemic emergency.

It was not difficult to recruit colleagues for the event and not so much for the common passion of many of us for sport but because the aim has prompted even the less sporty to put on running shoes: thanks to our twenty runners we have guaranteed 123 precious kilometers which will allow many cancer patients to reach hospitals for their treatment.

Many families affected by cancer have had to struggle daily in this period not only against this terrible disease but also against the Covid-19 pandemic which has slowed down and sometimes forced to suspend the care of cancer patients. Digitec runs for all of them to give its concrete contribution in favor of research and prevention against this enemy that we can only defeat by running all together in the same direction.

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