Face to face with…Marco

The most beautiful achievements are those obtained with effort, patience and commitment

Marco Viadana

What’s your role?

I am the Team Leader of the “Core” development group. We develop software for interaction with interventional or diagnostic devices. The software ranges from the operational phase of image acquisition during patient interventions to that of transmitting examination data to the hospital network.


What about your development path?

I graduated in Computer Science in 2010 at “Bicocca University” of Milan. The day after my graduation I started my first experience as software developer at the company where I attended my internship and the university thesis in Monza. At the beginning of 2012 Digitec contacted me directly for a first interview and I joined its development team at the end of the recruiting process. My experience here started in this way at the beginning as a software developer and in 2016 with the transition to manager of a part of the development project. Since November 2020 I‘ve been the Team Leader of the “Core” area.


You joined as a software developer and today you are a Team Leader: how did this transition take place?

When the position of Team Leader was freed up in the team in which I already worked, the colleague who held this role before me proposed me as his successor: the management evaluated me and after a series of internal interviews… here I am.


In which aspect has your daily work changed the most?

Surely the organizational aspect has changed a lot: in the previous role my attention was focused strictly on what was my competence, and therefore the technical aspect was the prevailing while now in my role as Team Leader the communicative and relational aspects take over. In most of my time I dedicate myself to making sure that my group works and manages to achieve its objectives.


What business tools allow you to best manage your team?

From an operational point of view, the online instant messaging tools, the ticket management system and the software versioning system. Certainly, fundamental to the success of my team is the collaboration of its members which makes my work easier. In addition, the support and comparison with my boss and the top management in case of need helps in the management of any critical issues. Becoming the leader of the group you were a member of is not easy but the great internal relationships made everything easier.


What do you appreciate about your work at Digitec?

I have always appreciated the working environment and the business climate at Digitec. More in deep of my work, I really appreciate being able to interact with most of my colleagues both with similar roles and roles completely different from mine. I also like the city of Lecco because I have the opportunity to go out for lunch and in a few minutes find myself in total relaxation in the woods of Resegone or to enjoy lunch by the lake with colleagues.


What advice would you give to those who are about to join the Digitec Team?

Don’t be afraid of change: it’s a great opportunity for growth. If your way brought you in Digitec, surely you enclose in yourself a great value. It’s up to you to express it to the fullest.

Three words to describe Digitec

Passion, Family, Knowledge

About me

I am a determined, aware of his possibilities person who doesn’t like to surrender to the first difficulty and who tries to find always the best in everything. On the other hand, I am also quite picky, I tend to seek perfection while knowing that it is not part of this world. I really appreciate to be in the company as the silence.  

I really like the mountains both for a nice walk in search of glimpses and for a run that helps me to clear my mind and focus on what I have to do or face.
I appreciate simple and genuine things. I try to live my life in respect of the other and of what I have around me and it has been given to us.
In my free time I run and in addition I dedicate myself to my garden: it’s a passion handed down by my family to which I am very attached.