Face to face with… Viviana

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


Viviana Sabadini

What’s your current job position?

I joined Digitec in March 2021 as an HR Manager in order to strengthen the human resource management policy.


What was your career path?

After high school, I chose Psychology. It was a gut choice. I let my interests guide me also after graduating and, even though at the beginning it was not easy to find contractual stability, I hung in there thanks to my family’s support and I succeeded in the Human Resources world. Before joining Digitec, I had worked for over 15 years in the HR Management field with Italian and multinational companies operating in different sectors. Along my career path, I was lucky to find bosses who believed in me and from whom I learned a lot, as well as extraordinary colleagues with whom I shared some important milestones: if today I do what I love as a job, it is also thanks to them.


How are people empowered at Digitec?

First of all, at Digitec there is great respect for each employee’s uniqueness and a strong sense of ethics: these conditions allow everyone to express themselves at their best.

Operationally, Digitec shares its success through a reward system that acknowledges everyone’s value based on objectives which are assigned on a yearly basis. Having clear goals allows to give the right priority to the daily activities, keeping the focus aligned.

Besides, we periodically carry out a skills evaluation, based on which we organize ad hoc training: Digitec accepts one of the greatest challenges for every company, namely being able to constantly keep up to date in order to remain competitive in the market.

At last, organizing moments of sharing creates a nice environment to live in and it improves the sense of belonging.


How has Covid accelerated the introduction of a new way of working?

Maybe we didn’t know, but we were already ready for remote work before the first Covid lockdown: in just one day, in fact, all the colleagues were put in the condition to be able to work from home. We never stopped and we managed to guarantee continuity to our customers in total safety. Covid has therefore accelerated the introduction of this way of working which was already suited for us. Today we can appreciate the positive aspects of it and we will therefore keep it once the emergency is over. To the same extent, we have experienced that we miss “experiencing the company” and that some moments of company life can’t be replaced by a chat or a virtual meeting: our new normality will be hybrid, beneficial for both the company in terms of efficiency and the employees in terms of work-life balance.


How do you balance being a mother and your job?

I strongly believe that motherhood is worth more than a master’s degree: it naturally develops skills such as organization, decision-making as well as the mistake culture, they are skills that are required every day in the working environment.

On the other hand, having a job that makes me satisfied allows me to go back home with a smile. And my peace of mind is also my children’s peace of mind!

In practice, at Digitec we have a working time flexibility that allows me to take my children to school without worrying about getting late to the office in case of unexpected events. Besides, thanks to remote work, as soon as I’m done working remotely, I just need to “change room” to stay with them. I consider them as two priceless benefits both as a mum and as an HR.


What do you appreciate about your job at Digitec?

In the company there is the possibility of directly and serenely exchanging views with both the colleagues and the management, and this is an aspect that I particularly appreciate.; Besides, this direct communication modality speeds up the decision-making process. This also the case for my colleagues, at all levels.

At Digitec the decision-making speed is for sure a competitive advantage.

Besides, I truly appreciate the fact that every choice is guided by the values that inspire Digitec, which are not just nice to read but also wonderful to live.


What advice would you give to those who are about to become part of the Digitec Team?

Don’t be afraid of “putting yourself on the line”: we are looking for people who want to bring innovation and we strongly believe that everyone can make the difference for the success of the company.

I was about to forget to mention: train… we are not lacking sportsmen at Digitec! We have a runners’ team who get back to work revitalized after a run, also thanks to a locker room with showers that was created ad hoc and allows us to optimize the lunch break practicing sports, before getting back to the office!

Three words to describe Digitec

Courage, persons, skill.

About me

I graduated in Psychology in 2004 at the Università Cattolica in Milan and I obtained a master’s degree in Trauma Psychology. I am a member of the Lombardy Regional Board of Psychologists and I have always worked in companies, in the Human Resources department. I love my job and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am. Over the years my fears have made me stronger. I love to be surrounded by self-mocking people. I am married with Vittorio and the mum of Giovanni and Pietro. Since the got into my life, I spend most of my free time with them. I like travelling. Maybe I haven’t travelled as much as I would have wanted to in my life, but enough to plan a new trip whenever I can: every time I find myself in love with all the things that I discover, with how I feel during the trip and with everything that I remember when I am back.