Family Day: 3° edition


It’s time to celebrate once again: on Thursday June 20th, we held our Family Day, the annual event dedicated to us and our families.

Starting from 5.30 p.m., we welcomed our children, parents, and soul mates in Digitec, offering them some welcome snacks and showing around the offices where we work every day.

Our evening was filled with several activities: we experienced Virtual Reality firsthand by means of 3 different games with our VR viewer, we went through the history of our new suite of stand-alone algorithms “V-Suite” with our CEO Fausto, our children and us attended the play of Associazione TRAMM, and we also played with them in a theatre workshop.

As always, we enjoyed great food, and our guests loved the menu: burgers and fries!

At the end of the dinner, our kids had fun climbing an inflatable, our Digitec band called “X-Rays” played the songs chosen by other colleagues, and finally we watched the football match all together, Spain VS Italy.

The people who were not interested in the European Football Championship, could play table football, a present which – starting from last week – will always be available in our Break area to the colleagues who want to relax during their lunch breaks.

Family Day was a party full of emotions, allowing us – for once – to show our job to our loved ones.

See you next year!

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