Family Day: Round Two

27/07/2023 November 14th, 2023

On Thursday 20th July we welcomed 115 people in our headquarters to celebrate our Family Day, a corporate event where Digitec people showed around our workplace to their kids, parents and partners.

Crisps and iced tea to start off followed by x-rays mystery box: children had to guess what was in the boxes that underwent fake x-rays. We had the pleasure to have Clown doctors from Associazione Veronica Sacchi once more in Digitec, who sang nursery rhymes for the littles ones and for the grownups to a cajon and guitar accompaniment played by a few colleagues.

Adults went through the history of Digitec with our CEO, Fausto, who explained what we do and why we do it.

This was our second Family Day, the perfect chance to show our job to our loved ones and to sing along all together with our Digitec Band, the special guest of the event!

See you in 2024, Digitec People, we are looking forward to our next Family Day!

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