Happy Father’s Day

18/03/2022 May 12th, 2022

“But what better has our dad to do every day than staying with us?”

Here is the question that children often ask their dads: the answer is not always so simple!

We asked Digitec’s children to try and tell us with a drawing on Father’s Day: seeing what our colleagues do in the company through the eyes of their children is touching and sometimes makes us smile!

So, Diego imagines his dad’s job dealing all day with bug chases during his bug fix activity, while Laura and Nives imagine their Senior Developer dad working in the garden: gardening work rather than remote work!

Pietro and Samuele: a matter-of-fact vision of their father’s reality as Head of SW Development, attention to the details and a perspective that is the envy of great artists. What can we say about Leo? A few essential lines to represent his fathers’ job as Managing Director.

Our wishes go to all our dads but also to all the dads int he world: the most difficult job that no textbook can ever teach will always be the job of being a father!

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