How Digitec grows and focuses on a hybrid business model

12/05/2022 September 28th, 2022

“Among the many changes – explains managing director Simone Re – brought about by the pandemic there is also the adoption of a new hybrid work model which, in addition to the presence in the office, is accompanied by a home office component. And it is precisely starting from this new model that we have expanded but also completely redesigned the spaces, in order to achieve the goal of capacity and flexibility. “

The Digitec headquarters now has not only offices, which can be booked on the dedicated platform for the days you choose not to work in smart mode, but also an area dedicated to coworking, which promotes discussion and socialization. Above all, a walkway was created that runs alongside the offices and runs along the entire area below for production and experimentation with the highly technological x-ray chambers, to give visitors a real experiential journey to the heart of the company.

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