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“Industria Felix” award 2022

01/04/2022 February 8th, 2024
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During the 40th event of the “Industria Felix” award, scheduled for Thursday 31 March in Milan, we were awarded as the “Best innovative SME headquartered in the province of Lecco for Cerved management performance and financial reliability “.

The “Industria Felix” award is based on the analysis of the main financial statement parameters and it represents the most appreciated acknowledgement of the inventiveness, zeal and determination of anyone who has managed to “build” a business capable of bringing copious and profitable results in terms of social well-being and economic progress.

It is a recognition that fills us with pride and prompts us to work every day with ever more enthusiasm and passion, putting greater commitment and attention into our products and our daily choices.

Our Managing Director’s speech:

“I am Simone Re, Managing Director of Digitec srl, a Lecco-based company that develops Software and HW to support X-ray systems in the medical field.

It is the third time that we win this award, but we receive it with the same emotion and participation as the first one.

This recognition, in particular, refers to the 2020 budget, a year for which no one could have ever predicted what happened globally. Being rewarded for our achievements in such a delicate year not only makes us really proud, but it also makes us feel even luckier.

Producing, among others, also software to support lung diagnosis, in 2020 we had a strong increase in requests for our dedicated product lines: we therefore feel honored to be the manufacturers of this type of devices that have allowed diagnosing Covid pneumonia in emergency situations to accelerate patients’ access to care. We are honored to have been able to put ourselves at the service of the health system in a period in which there was a strong need. At the same time, we feel lucky: since we work on a digital product, we were able to reorganize our people in a single weekend and put them in a position to work completely from home. This happened seamlessly for our collaborators and our customers. This was a privilege that other manufacturing companies, or companies operating in a context other than ours, did not have.

For this reason, this Felix has an even more marked flavor, and it gives us even more awareness. We have converted this awareness into energy which we have used concretely in the recruitment of many new young graduates and in research & development investments aimed at identifying innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence in order to support healthcare professionals. We hope these solutions have immediate positive repercussions on the future of our country’s system and, in practive, to the benefit of each of us as potential final users of the Digitec products. Thanks again to Michele and to all the entities that take part in the organization of the event.”

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