Our values

Radiography software

It is not easy to look within ourselves in search of our identity, values and principles that guide us through life.

We did it by joining our forces, by sharing opinions and ideas – always with the style of Digitec, which is what makes us different. We did it with the aim of making our ideals emerge, of finding out who we really are and of finding the spirit that governs every daily action.

We did it for ourselves, but above all for you, in order to be able to describe ourselves with more clarity and to reveal ourselves from our deepest self.

We performed team building activities and dived into a prejudice-free communication that encouraged our creative thinking which helped us create metaphors on our organizational identity.

Then, we organized some internal workshops where we did some brainstorming, outlined, summarized, reflected, dug, but first of all discussed together.

This is how we got to know our roots, those values that feed and support the intelligence at the core of our products and philosophy, because Digitec is not just knowledge, it is also a compound of ideals, relations, ambitions and ideas that encourage us to improve constantly.

Here we share our soul, which is at the base of our products.

As we have a special connection, we chose some pictures of our local area to represent us – roots that nourish our future. Each picture has a strong connection with the value represented.