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Digital Fluoroscopy


Acquisition Software


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Digital Fluoroscopy Acquisition Software

ODIS is a software which acquires, manages and processes radiological images in fluoroscopy mode acquired with a dynamic detector for C-Arm.

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MULTI DETECTOR SYSTEM Compatible with over thirty detectors on the market
SMART USABILITY User-friendly interface, touch oriented, multi resolution format, multi language support, customizable UI
X-RAY DEVICES INTEGRATION Generators, accessories and 3rd party systems
DICOM 3.0 COMPLIANCE Store, Print, Worklist, MPPS, CD/DVD/USB, Dose SR, Query/Retrive, Storage Commitment
PROPRIETARY ADVANCED PROCESSING ALGORITHMS Anatomical Artificial Intelligence, Super Zoom, QA, Wall Motion, DSA, LVA
WORKSTATION CONSOLE We supply medical and consumer PCs already configured with our software. We prioritize Windows 10 LTSC, Cybersecurity and GDPR

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